Shankar's 2.0 - Chitti Combo 01

2.0 - Combo Chitti 03

2.0 - Combo Chitti 02

2.0 - Combo Chitti 01

Concept for Rajinikanth's character, Chitti. This image was based on a concept by the great artist Simon Webber. I was asked to apply some of the intricate external paneling I developed on previous designs, on top of some of the internal elements Simon created. The Spinal Cord, end of Spinal Cord and if I recall correctly, the brain was originally 3D assets from one of Simon's concepts that I needed to incorporate into the design. (Face was based on scanned data.)

I had the pleasure of working on 2.0 (2018), the sequel to Enthiran (2010) with the great crew at Legacy Effects.